All the updates to the website from its first inception to the latest update.

  • AI-UX Interactions added from Brilliant Lab, New Computer, MS Loop, Adobe Acrobat, Goodnotes,, Grammarly, Superhuman, MyMind.

  • Functionality to Play/Pause all interaction videos.

  • Tiny tweeks - smoother UX

  • AI-UX Interactions added from Hex, Rewind AI, Jenni AI, Whimsical, Poe, Alexa, Arc Search, NotesGPT, Muse Pro, Stripe docs, Google's search, PDFtoChat, H2O Chat.

  • AI-UX Interactions added from,, v0 Vercel, Github Copilot.

  • Updated the filtering according to the new categorization - reason

  • Updated the AIxDesigner section - [WIP] sections.

  • AI Interactions added from Huggingface, H2O, Perplexity.

  • Added 'Speak the language' mini-guide to learn about AI words with simple visuals or analogies.

  • Added company names - people who are following us.

  • Created the website.

  • Added initial AI-UX interactions from Microsoft Copilot apps.

  • Added the Voyager section.

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